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This and That

Game Rules

Gameplay is very simple. Each person in turn has to say a recognised word pair joined by "and". Examples include "fish and chips" "Sonny and Cher" "Romeo and Juliet" "socks and shoes" "Marks and Spencer" "Rocky and Bullwinkle" etc. The phrase may be no more than three words; the middle word must be "and", and it must be a recognised pair of words. You may include the names of couples known to everyone (or most people) in the group. One person during the game may play the "Saeed Wild Card" (named after the person who came up with it in desperation and was allowed it because everyone else was too drunk to argue with him), which is "Santander" (geddit?). If a player fails to come up with a valid This And That within an agreed time (around 30 seconds is enough for everyone to start shouting at them), they're disqualified. Winner is the last person remaining. Or you can just go on until everyone is totally fed up with it. Warning: it can last for hours if you don't disqualify people. Best played with alcohol, though obviously not compulsory. Sounds easy; will make your brain hurt.

History of This and That

Invented by a drunken evil genius in a hot tub with his friends.